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 Leadership and Management Series | New Delhi 

This series consists of two 4-day trainings. Early bird ends by 22 December 2017.

Flyer: Download PDF | Registration Form: Download PDF 


Regular: 35,000 INR per training (incl. all taxes)

Complete series: 52,000 INR (incl. all taxes)

Early bird and group registration: 10% discount

Cancellation fee: 50% if you cancel 2 weeks prior the training

Please note: Fees include coffee breaks, lunch, and materials


Leadership and Team Management
Develop yourself and a high-performing team

Date: 23 - 26 January 2018 | Venue: New Delhi, India | Deadline: 9 January 2018

Training Objective: You will learn fundamental concepts of leadership and team management. This will enable you
to lead and manage your team better, stimulate team spirit, decrease conflicts and enhance
team performance.

  • Reflect on your own vision, strategies, and values
  • Develop your self, team, and organisational leadership
  • Connect tasks and people, ignite ideas and inspire action

Target Group:

  • Everyone in leadership position and young emerging leaders

Everyone who leads a team or aspires to become a team leader

Cooperation and Communication Skills
Establish trust, be more empathetic and understand conflict

Date: 29 January - 1 February 2018 | Venue: New Delhi, India | Deadline: 9 January 2018

Training Objective: You will learn key concepts of communication and improve your understanding of conflict
management which will help you perform better as a leader.

  • Reflect on escalation levels, on hot and cold people and conflicts
  • Learn how to establish trust and accountability through effective communication
  • Learn active listening, powerful questioning and how to be more empathetic

Target Group:

  • Everyone in leadership position
  • Everyone who feels concerned by conflicts, and more so if you have a professional role
    that includes managing conflicts in your organisation