In dialogue with John Peter Nelson on leadership

20 September 2016, 12:00 am Written by  Civil Society Academy


Last Friday, the Civil Society Acamedy team met with Mr. Nelson at his office in New Delhi in order to talk about the impact of good leadership on organizational performance. From March to August 2016, he successfully participated in our comprehensive course 'How to become an exceptional civil society leader'. During the meeting, he spoke about his motivation for attending the course and revealed his personal takeaways. His experiences are shared in the dialogue below:


CSA team: Firstly, what made you decide to attend the CSA course on leadership?

Mr. Nelson: The positive experiences of the participants from the previous course that were shared in the flyer was one of the reasons to attend the leadership course. Besides, within IGSSS I have been looking for an innovative change in the leadership style that could contribute towards the growth of the organization. And the course methodology of interaction with many civil society leaders from various countries was a great opportunity to pick up new ideas and look beyond our own experiences.  

CSA team: What are your key takeaways from the course?

Mr. Nelson: The course reconfirmed that good leadership plays a decisive role for the growth and success of an organization. One of the key qualities that a leader should embody is the capability to generate positive energy within the organization. This can be achieved, for instance, through appreciating and celebrating the contribution of each and every one in the organization. Hence, it is better to focus on successes rather than failures. Delegation and team leadership are the key to the effective and sustainable development of every organization – a place where all team members feel happy and create positive impacts together.

CSA team: How did it (the course) impact your leadership within your organization?

Mr. Nelson: One of the lessons that I’ve learned at an individual level is that life is not only about work. Good leaders should also take care of themselves and focus on their self-growth. Secondly, do ensure that the people you are working with also take care of themselves and find happiness and joy in what they do. Here is where an exceptional leadership comes into play. At IGSSS we are now looking at how to foster happiness and joy in our work and encourage more and more team leadership.

CSA team: Would you recommend the course to others?

Mr. Nelson: Definitely yes! It will enrich every organization and bring about great change.


The CSA team would like to thank Mr. Nelson for sharing his experiences. 


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John Peter Nelson is the current Executive Director of Indo-Global Social Service Society [IGSSS] - a non-profit organization working with the mandate for a humane social order based on truth, justice, freedom, and equity. Established in 1960, IGSSS works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country for their effective participation in development. Visit the organization's website for further information: